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EUROMECH COLLOQUIUM 605: Damage and Failure of Engineering Materials Under Extreme Loading Conditions

21.05.2019 09:00 - 24.05.2019 20:00
Carlos III University. Campus Madrid-Puerta de Toledo


Damage and failure of deformable solids is a constantly evolving scientific field...

Damage and failure of deformable solids is a constantly evolving scientific field which poses a real challenge in terms of comprehension, control and modeling. Driven by different industrial sectors, the research devoted to the study of the physical mechanisms responsible for damage and fracture of engineering materials like metals, polymers, ceramics and composites under extreme loading conditions has been especially prolific over the last decade. Nevertheless, despite the significant efforts spent by scientists in increasing their understanding of the processes of strain localization, damage and failure, it is clear that a number of scientific questions remain open. Within this general theme, three main areas will be covered in this Colloquium: (1) experimental and numerical techniques, (2) material, spatial and temporal length scales and (3) failure mechanisms.


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Nonlinear Solid Mechanics Group

Nonlinear Solid Mechanics Group

The NSM group, formed by 3 researchers and 4 PhD students, is part of the Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis at the University Carlos III of Madrid. Research lines include mechanical characterization at high strain rates, formulation of constitutive theories and analytical models for instabilities in ductile materials, nonlinear vibration in elastic structures, etc. The group has 5 on-going competitive grants, 2 National and 3 European, including an ERC Starting Grant.

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